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I am a qualified and certified coach working with women across various industries and organisations. My background incorporates 20+ years in leadership, management and operational experience.  I see self-leadership and the empowerment of the individual as the key to unleashing of potential and breaking through limitations for growth and career success.

At mid-life, I built a career on developing and supporting women to navigate the challenges within the workplace, work-life/juggle/integration, career development and our society’s limitations and beliefs about women. Now, here I am , as myself, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a leader, a friend, a sister, a colleague, a boss, a coach, just to name a few roles….

I understand that things don’t always work out as planned, as dreamt and imagined – that life may be quite different to anything you expected. I understand that sometimes you dream of getting into your car and driving for miles, just to get away for a while. Maybe you’d like to stop the clock, to create space, time, quietness in your life, just enough to gather your thoughts, your energy, to hear yourself.

I understand that work, home, life can be very stressful, tiring, exhausting, trying to do it all, be IT ALL.  That whilst you try your best, you feel your best is not good enough, all you know is how much more you still need to do, should do, must be, etc.

I understand because a number of years ago, I was at burnout and was struggling with overwhelm, superwoman and good girl syndrome. I spent more than a decade trying to manage life/kids/relationships and lead in my career whilst I was suffering with major depression. I was working myself to the bone, both in my personal and professional life.  All I could see was grey, I felt a sense of loss, heavy and alone in my struggle. Most people around me won’t have known this, I was very good at hiding or pretending and I was still climbing the career ladder.  Sound familiar?  The day came though, when even pretending was a struggle. I couldn’t lie anymore, not to myself and not to all those lives I was impacting.

Which is why, through coaching, I now focus my passion on Women’s Empowerment, on helping them see, feel, hear and stand in their full internal and external powers. I have been facilitating and developing Women in Leadership forums since 2014, building a community of women working to make meaning of their lives and further their career aspirations.

Through my consultancy, Kelly Tsagournos Coaching & Consultancy,we provide coaching, mentoring and leadership consultancy services to a wide range of clients and industries.  I work with those who who are committed to transforming their lives and careers.

When we work together, either through coaching, mentoring or facilitation, you will get to know a new YOU, you will see with new eyes and you will BE, seen and heard.

This I know.  

Kelly x

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. -James Baldwin.

Please refer to my LinkedIn Profile for a detailed Professional Overview and let’s connect as well.

Qualifications and Associations

  • Associate Certified Meta‐Coach (ACMC) with the Meta Coach Foundation (MCF)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐Semantics and Meta‐NLP
  • Certified Practitioner of NS & NLP
  • Certified Integral Semantics Facilitator
  • Bachelor of Business – Management, Administration
  • Member of the International Society of Neuro‐Semantics
  • Member of the Meta‐Coach Federation
  • Member of the Integral Institute


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