Work With Me

I’m a specialist at empowering women to thrive through change in their personal and professional life.

I am driven and passionate about helping women establish the life and/or career they dream of.

I support you to shift from overwhelm, fatigue, burnout, overthink and flatness to a life, filled with confidence, liveliness, success and vigor where you get to experience and embody self-belief and spaciousness.

As your coach, in our time together, I become your cheer-leader and collaborator.  I may also be in the role of  facilitator, inspirer, reflector, guide, challenger, mismatcher, provoker, brainstormer or guide – always on your behalf.

Developmental and Transformational Coaching

Coaching is a significant personal experience. It can be intense and it can also be one of the most enlightening experiences for you. It is complexity made easy.  I will work with you if you are ready to change. You have to have had enough of where you are at right now. You are determined and want to feel resourceful, empowered and confident and you want to unleash and break through what is holding you back, so you can finally move forward!

  • Choose to coach for a  period of 3, 6, or 12 months (1 cycle is 3 months)
  • In person or via skype

We will work together if you are ready to:

  • Be fully empowered and take charge of your life
  • Progress your career or gain a promotion
  • Develop your leadership potential
  • Start communicating in a way that you are heard, seen and valued
  • Start leading others consciously, effectively and successfully
  • Feel alive, happy and joyful

Your Personalised Empowerment Workshop

When you want to create empowerment and strategy in one day.

We will identify your limiting and empowering beliefs and create a strategy for moving you forward. Currently you are giving away your internal and external powers. You have given away ‘your keys’ and you want to take ownership back so you can drive your ‘car’.

  • 3.5 hours
  • In-Person
  • We will identify your current ways of being your – thinking, speaking, feeling and behaving.
  • We will co-create a strategy for a new way of being in service of you – owning your thinking, speaking, feeling and behaving
  • 3 weeks follow-up, email support.

Laser Focused 90 Minute Power Conversation

This single session is for you if you want a laser focus conversation on a specific problem or question. You will come out of this session ‘owning’ your POWER prepared to fully own and fill your seat in the discussion/conversation with steps to move forward.

This single session is for you if:

  • You are about to have an urgent meeting and need to sort your positioning out ASAP
  • You know you have overcomplicated a situation but you can’t see through the mess or feel your way out of it, you are in total overwhelm
  • Your job interview is looming and you need speedy tips and tricks


Women in Leadership Development Programs

Learn over Lunch

One-to-one leadership development coaching

Group coaching/workshops

Group facilitation/workshops


Kelly has run coaching workshops and spoken for major organisations including Monash Business School,  APSMA, AusIMM – Women in Mining Network Victoria and Chisholm.
Kelly’s public speaking appearances are designed to be informative, interactive and fun. Every participant walks away with a clear understanding that they can be the change.
Popular Topics she speaks about:
  • Women’s Empowerment and Leadership
  • Change – Starting with Self
  • Growing Resilience
  • Career Planning
  • Owning Your Power to Thrive
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Connect with Anyone

Duration: 60-90mins

Women in Leadership Forums

To create a real and genuine space for women at work, where women grow, develop, feel supported, learn and make connections with like-minded women whilst making a difference for self and for those around them.

To co- create facilitated discussions that tackle a variety of key topics that are critical for professional and personal development.

The sessions will be fully customised to the needs  and objectives of the Organisation.
Sessions run for 90 minutes.