Professional Overview

EXECUTIVE COACH, facilitator, Leadership development,
& personal transformation.






Kelly is a developmental and transformational coach and facilitator of change. She is passionate and dedicated to unleashing human potential through facilitation and coaching. She is experienced in developing leadership capability and enabling personal and professional transformation. She has developed organisational capabilities and behaviour leading to organisational change through people development. Kelly is in service of co-creating lasting, positive and sustainable changes with clients.
After 18 years working in the Higher Education sector, Kelly is an experienced Higher Education executive with a solid record of leadership and management to enabling human potential and change. Her success has always been based on building and sustaining exceptional relationships with clients, where she has proved able to help clients realise their full abilities and capabilities in a personal, professional and organizational context. Working at all levels of the organizational structure Kelly works seamlessly with clients to make a difference for themselves and others.
As a qualified Meta-Coach Kelly creates a holding space that is safe and supportive.  She sees self-leadership and the empowerment of all personal powers such as thinking, speaking, emoting and behaving as the key to unleashing freedom to the individual and fully experiencing self-actualisation as well as self-expression .

Kelly operates under the premise that the each client is unique and therefore each session is driven by the client’s agenda. Her coaching style is compassionate exploration for the client’s truth, to get to the heart of the matter to unveil strength, courage and unlimited potential with transformational outcomes.

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  • Associate Certified Meta‐Coach (ACMC) with the Meta Coach
    Foundation (MCF)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐Semantics and Meta‐NLP
  • Certified Practitioner of NS & NLP
  • Certified Integral Semantics Facilitator
  • Bachelor of Business – Management, Administration
  • Member of the International Society of Neuro‐Semantics
  • Member of the Meta‐Coach Federation
  • Member of the Integral Institute