Katherine Kulakowski, National Editor, Ashurst

In each coaching session Kelly helped me to see beyond the problems that I would talk about at the beginning of the session to find the real issues underneath. She helped me with all facets of my life, particularly with issues that I was experiencing at work and also with dealing with the illness and death of my father. Kelly was skillful in listening and asking the right questions to guide and challenge me to find the answers myself, to learn to get beyond the self-talk and my own perspectives and just be and to connect with others.

Lynda Smerdon, Employee Relations Advisor / HR Business Partner at Victoria Legal Aid

Kelly is an inspirational, dynamic, ‘real’ person, who works with individuals to enable them to realise their own talents and skills utilising her passion for coaching and group leadership. She has assisted me to understand and appreciate my strengths and my potentials and has offered specific tools and personal support to my journey.

Kelly’s commitment and action in supporting women and their achievements through her ‘Women in Leadership’ groups has had an impressive ripple effect in improving women supporting women in Melbourne.

Catherine Brown, Information Services, Monash University

I sought Kelly’s help when I applied for a new job. I thought I wanted assistance with the best answers to the standard questions. What Kelly actually gave me was permission to shine, to be the best version of me, the part of myself that I don’t usually access so that there is an inbuilt fail safe if I don’t succeed. Kelly also gave me strong responses to the likely questions and coached me until I felt confident and ready to be my best.

At this moment, I have no idea if I have got the job. But right now that is less important than the new found trust I have in my own ability to shine. Thanks Kelly .

Jan Cope, Indpendent Human Resources Consultant and Coach, Peoplism

Being introduced to Kelly has been an enjoyable growth experience.  Kelly’s supportive coaching style offering encouragement whilst asking questions that go to the heart of things enabled me to become more aware of the frames and beliefs I have held that are no longer beneficial to me.  By creating the space to reflect I have gained greater awareness and am loosening my self-inflicted restraints, trying on new frames. Coaching with Kelly is holding me accountable to build on my strategy for developing beliefs that serve me as the person I am today.

Thanks Kelly, you rock!

Toni Waser, Executive Officer Governance, Faculty of Law Monash University

I’ve had personal coaching with Kelly and can attest to her commitment to developing people to achieve their best potential, and to her professionalism and knowledge of her area. Working with Kelly has helped me to see things from another perspective, and to understand that it is possible to do things in a different way – a way that would work for me.  Kelly helped me to see that I was capable of doing that!

It has been a privilege to work with you Kelly!”

Sara Marabini, Restaurant Manager

My coaching experience with Kelly was one of the best things that happened to me last year.  Kelly really takes the time to understand your goals, dreams and aspirations with compassion and care.  Kelly  listens to you, she will not offer band-aid solutions, she will guide you by asking you the right questions .  You will find the solutions to your problems.  She gives you the tools to find your way. She doesn’t create a co-dependent coaching relationship.  She is really devoted to her clients and what she does.  She is not just a great coach, she is a great person.

N.H., Senior Manager, Public Sector

My experience of being coached by Kelly is like a subtle sensation of surprise. Through her style she holds a place for you to witness and to be surprised at your own true self. Kelly’s coaching comes from a place of unconditional positive regard for you and she is fully there to share that journey of discovery with you. In our sessions, her curiosity and questioning allowed me to step into an experience of lightness and joy, and to release a new pattern of excellence. If you sense you are willing to surprise yourself then I recommend Kelly as a coach who can enable that for you.

MAK, Business Strategist & Consultant

I have seen Kelly in action in many capacities.  Kelly is the leader of the “Women in Leadership Program”. In my experience of Kelly I see her greatest strength as her ability to create a compassionate, non-judgemental, open space in both her coaching style and facilitation. People feel at ease, so rapport is built instantly enabling deep work to being in coaching and a true expression of self in group communication.  Kelly has much to offer this world and I encourage you to learn more!

Women in Leadership Testimonials

Kristen Simpson, Marketing Strategist, Freelance

Kelly is an incredibly wise, insightful person with a genuine affection for, and interest in people.  She inspires through example and enthusiastic affirmation, whoever she comes into contact with, and is a fantastic role model for women in a myriad of different ways.  She has a calmness that is reassuring to any one in her midst.

I attend her Women in Leadership breakfasts which I enjoy very much.  Kelly is at the helm gently guiding our conversation and making the forum one from which we could all benefit and learn.  The ambience is warm and friendly, surrounded by interesting women getting together to be warm, friendly and interesting to each other.

Vicki Ryan, Manager, Accrediation Service, RMIT

The Women in Leadership breakfast sessions provide a forum where professional women can share experiences and insights. In our busy working lives we rarely take time out to discuss and analyse issues that we encounter. The WIL sessions allow me time to reflect and analyse on issues most of us encounter on a regular basis in our leadership roles.

The monthly topics facilitate focused and frank discussions in a supportive and sharing environment. I always come away feeling empowered and motivated after a session. Who wouldn’t want to start the day feeling this good!

Helen Frangos, Director, Shared Services

Kelly, thank you for the leadership breakfast meetings. They are very positive and intellectually stimulating. The environment is supportive, respectful and non-judgmental. Excellent problem solving options are shared by those around the table when an issue someone is being challenged by is presented.  Keep up the great work!

Bal Rana, Manager, Monash University

Absolutely amazing, the highlight of every month! I get the opportunity to network with professional, likeminded, inspirational, enthusiastic, intelligent and engaging women. We discuss interesting topical issues that evoke different perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

Others response to ‘My experience at the Women in Leadership breakfast sessions has been’….

‘Delightful first meeting and I look forward to more. This group will be a part of my ‘how I do things’ in 2017. The group at the event I attended was open, willing to share, supportive, caring and fair in their treatment of others.’

‘I find the support and discussion helpful in managing my work challenges, career and personal life.  I feel strengthened and more confident from the experience.’

‘Very informative and valuable topics, in a confidential and respectful space to share and learn with other women. ‘

‘It’s a very open environment where I can share feelings and experiences in a very supportive environment. I like discussing interesting topics related to women with a group of intelligent like-minded women. I find the sessions intellectually stimulating.’